Lunar AV Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Technology

Are you looking to upgrade to a smart home? When doing so, many people make the mistake of just buying the latest gadgets, without taking into account how they work together. The best way to actually create a comprehensive smart home is to bring everything together in one intuitive solution. This is what a home automation system does. Through a professional installation, you choose which systems to include and how you want to control them.

What Do You Want to Include in Your System?

The beauty of a smart home automation system is that its custom designed. You’re not getting a packaged solution, which means you can install just the technology and rooms you want. Begin with a small system that controls the lights and entertainment in your home theater system then expand to your entire house while adding security and climate control.

Crestron systems are primed for growth, so don’t feel limited by your initial choice. Through extensive back programming and wiring, it’s easy to add new systems when needed. By working with a professional, you also ensure all the equipment you add, from televisions to light bulbs, is compatible. This way you’re never stuck with technology that can’t be integrated.

How Do You Want to Control Your System?

Home automation is all about intuitive control. All your systems are available in a user interface on your signature touchpad, smartphone or tablet. You can control one system at a time or bring them all together for added efficiency. Bring them together through the use of scenes. Scenes group separate settings so you can pull them up easily at a later time.

For example, let’s go back to your initial home theater system. Press a “Cinema” scene and the lights dim, shades close, and TV turns on to your media library. This system integration can also expand to multiple rooms. Worried about leaving doors unlocked when you leave the house? Use an “Away” scene that locks all doors, arms your system and closes the shades when you leave the house.

How Can Your Home Anticipate Your Needs?

So what exactly makes your system ‘smart’? It can anticipate your needs through automated responses for a hands-free approach to your daily routines. One way it does this is through scheduled scenes within your home automation system. Have the “Away” scene mentioned earlier activate every day at 9 a.m. when you leave the house. Before then, take advantage of a daily “Wake Up” scene that slowly turns up your lights, opens the shades and streams a pre-determined playlist.

The other way to get automated responses is through the use of sensors. These are most useful when it comes to your home security. Motion sensors can activate both your cameras and landscape lighting, so you always get clear surveillance footage. Your security system can also have a dictated response to fire alarms. Have doors unlock and lights turn on for easy evacuation. Then have your HVAC system turn off to avoid fanning the flames.

Smart home automation is about more than investing in new technology. It’s full system integration that brings unprecedented efficiency to your space. Contact Lunar AV to install a custom solution in your home.