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What is 4K?

4K refers to a horizontal ​resolution​ in the order of 4,000 pixels and vertical resolution in the order of 2,000 pixels.​ Several 4K resolutions exist in the fields of ​digital television​ and ​digital cinematography​. In the movie projection industry, ​Digital Cinema Initiatives​ (DCI) is the dominant 4K standard. In television and consumer media, 4K ​UHD​ or UHD-1 is the dominant 4K standard. By 2025, more than half of U.S. households are expected to have a 4K-capable TV (2160p), which would be a much faster ​adoption rate​ than that of Full HD (​1080p​).​

What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) describes video that is greater than standard dynamic range (SDR) video which uses a conventional gamma curve. SDR video, when using a conventional gamma curve and a bit depth of 8-bits per sample, has a dynamic range of about 6 stops (64:1). When HDR content is displayed on a 2,000 cd/m2 display with a bit depth of 10-bits per sample it has a dynamic range of 200,000:1 or 17.6 stops.

To get started enjoying 4K HDR, you need a TV like the Sony XD93 or the LG Signature OLED, with very capable 4K HDR displays and all the smart skills and connectivity. Not only will it make your standard and HD content look great, but you’ll be all set to enjoy the very best of the future of entertainment too.

Compatible Streaming Apps and Devices

Pair a 4K Ultra HD streaming media player with your compatible 4K Ultra HD TV and stream movies and TV shows in spectacular 4K resolution from available 4K streaming apps. Each streaming player makes it easy to navigate to your favorite apps via an intuitive on-screen menu or use the voice search functionality available on most 4K streaming media players to find just what you want to watch. Netflix, PLEX, YouTube, Fandango NOW and other big names in streaming content now offer a growing library of original 4K Ultra HD content, such as Netflix’s House of Cards and many more. Many older movies are now being mastered in 4K, and you can watch standard HD content on a 4K UHD streaming player, so your entertainment choices are virtually limitless.

4K Ultra HD streaming media players will automatically adapt and deliver the best picture quality your TV can display. Upscaling features ensure that your TV’s maximum resolution will be optimized, so whether you have an HD TV or a 4K Ultra HD TV, you’ll view the best picture possible. Popular streaming devices include Kaleidescape, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You can also choose a 4K UHD Smart TV, a Sony 4K Blu-ray DVD player or a gaming console with 4K streaming apps built-in.

The award-winning Kaleidescape Strato is the world’s finest 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player. Strato plays movies in true 4K Ultra HD at up to 60 frames per second. Strato supports lossless audio formats: Dolby TrueHD (including losslessly encoded object-based Dolby Atmos), DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X, and PCM. The Strato onscreen user interface is also displayed in 4K Ultra HD, at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact.

Strato is equipped with an internal 6 or 10TB hard drive to store up to 180 4K Ultra HD movies, 330 Blu-ray quality movies, or 1500 DVD quality movies. Strato can be used standalone, and can also play movies from a Terra movie server, or from another Strato movie player.

Crestron DigitalMedia

Lunar Audio Video uses Crestron DigitalMedia for all video distribution. DigitalMedia continues to deliver the best image quality and fastest switching available today. Only DM® provides complete, end-to-end 4K/60 scaling and distribution for presentation and collaboration in business, education, medical, or security.

Currently installed systems won’t transmit HDCP 2.2 protected content, but upgrading is easy with DigitalMedia. DM includes everything you need to deliver fully compliant end-to-end HDCP 2.2 4K distribution solutions right now. DM delivers low bandwidth, high quality network AV with or without a matrix switcher using standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure and devices. Network AV is perfect for video distribution between rooms, buildings, or cities.


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