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Home & Business Security Systems

There is only one thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Security” and that is “Protection”. There are many ways to protect what matters most with home security systems and business security solutions. These include burglar protection, commercial fire alarm systems, surveillance, access control, home lighting control and intercoms for ultimate protection. We pride ourselves in protecting your Home & Business Security Systems!

At Lunar Audio Video, we can design and implement a system based on a site survey of your home or business that assesses and identifies areas of risk to ensure complete protection. We use all of today’s latest products and technology to allow immediate notification through services such as central station monitoring, smart phone notification, dedicated home networks, cloud based mobile control as well as integration into most automation systems.


Home & Business Security Systems

Analog Systems

The heritage of the CCTV system. Analog surveillance includes Analog cameras producing standard definition composite video output, Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) Systems to record the Analog video via Coaxial cable and BNC connections. While somewhat outdated, these devices are still widely prevalent in the field as existing installations.

Intercom Systems

The first solution from ICRealtime that is not entirely surveillance based. The Intercom Systems series includes two types of devices: an External Camera (VTO: Video-Talk-Outside) as well as an internal Monitor and Conference Station (VTH: Video-Talk-House). In addition, the VTO device includes capabilities to integrate with magnetic door locks, access control interfaces, and gate systems allowing remote door unlocking via the VTH device or ICR client software.

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