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Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a home theater in the comfort of your house? The obvious questions start to pop up. The expense, the installation, picking the right products, and most importantly going with the right company. Lunar Audio Video, luxury custom home builders has all the answers when it comes to Home Theater Systems. Lets first start with the projectors. Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV

4K Projectors Northern New Jersey 

Suffice it to say, the era of 4K/Ultra HD has fully arrived in the television market. All of the big-name and even some of the not-so-big-name TV manufacturers now offer UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs at a variety of price points and screen sizes–from 40 inches up to 150 inches.

In the TV realm, a 4K or Ultra HD resolution means 3,840 by 2,160, which is the logical choice in that it’s the perfect doubling of a 1920-by-1080 HD resolution in the horizontal and vertical planes. In the projection realm, native 4K projectors have a slightly higher resolution of 4,096 by 2,160, matching the theatrical DCI standard. There are very few native 4K front-projection options in the home theater category. If money is no object and you’re assembling a six- or seven-figure, ultra-large-screen home theater, perhaps you can afford to explore professional-grade cinema projectors from the likes of Christie and Barco that have a native 4K resolution. In the real world where most of us live, though, there’s really only a few manufacturers offering native 4K front projectors for the home: Sony, Sim2 Multimedia, and Screen Innovations.

The Dolby Atmos Difference

Dolby Atmos transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism. Sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you’re inside the action. Experience how Dolby Atmos transports you from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Rather than being constrained to channels, sounds can be precisely placed and moved in three-dimensional space. A new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting objects moving overhead. Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to whirlwind action with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. It all comes together in sound that excites your senses and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment.

Acoustic Smart Designs 

Acoustic Smart Home Theatre Interiors have been creating custom theatres environments for almost 20 years. Our theatres exist in perfect harmony with the clients’ home surroundings allowing for a smooth transition from reality to fantasy. From the moment our clients step inside, they start to relax. The mind begins to anticipate the voyage it is about to take. Stress and pressure are left behind.

Acoustic Smart provides full interior design service, which includes a complete package consisting of a construction set of building documents, a full set of virtual reality theatre images and a virtual reality video, showcasing what the theatre will look like when finished. We take all stress and hustle off of clients’ and dealers’ shoulders, managing our jobs to their successful completion.

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Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV


Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV

Our design team will create a custom experience to fit your needs and budget using only the best products. For more information on Home Theaters Systems New Jersey, call Lunar Audio Video at 888-884-9455 or fill in the form below. Luxury custom home builders. Lunar Audio Video. Home Audio Theater. Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV

Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV
Home Audio Video & Theater Systems New Jersey AV

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