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As an authorized Crestron Dealer, we put control of all aspects of your home or business right at your fingertips through our home and commercial automation solutions. Whether it be through a touch panel, hand held remote, or mobile device, you can utilize our custom built interface from within your home or even from a remote location. For your business, you can easily maintain control of your commercial audio/video systems while remotely managing your business security, lighting and climate systems.

Convenient and efficient control of lights, temperature, music, video, shades, security and much more are all possible through detailed system design, creative in-house programming and detailed project planning!

We are proud to offer Crestron products to help provide the comfort, convenience and security you can expect from a Lunar Audio Video Integrated System.



Your music where you want it… everywhere! Internet Radio, iPods, Media Servers and CD’s can be played in any room of your home at anytime: through recessed, outdoor, wireless speakers, or even invisible speakers.

With a home AV system, you can select “Party Mode” on one of the touch screens, and either play the same music source throughout the home, or something different in a particular room- with all of your music displayed and controlled on one of our intuitive, easy to use, touch screens or remote control interfaces. All of our systems are tailored to meet each of our New Jersey clients’ individual needs, so contact us today and let our team design a system that is specifically attuned for the way you listen to music.



Can you imagine being able to watch your favorite movie, TV show or home video on any TV in your home? Not only can we make this possible,  we can do so with only a single cable to each display device! Utilizing Crestron’s Digital Media System and intuitive programming to create a comprehensive home AV solution,  we can send HD video, audio, control and Ethernet from multiple video sources, to multiple displays at the same time or in different instances.

Apple TV, TiVo, Blu-ray, Cable and other video sources can all be available at the touch of a button, at any time you want them. Each system is specifically designed to match the video display with the content to be watched, to allow the highest resolution video and robust audio available in multiple locations. The systems we create for our New Jersey clients reduce the amount of cable boxes, satellite receivers and other video devices normally required by conventional standards, as even one cable box can be available for viewing on multiple displays. Your content will always be waiting for you, anywhere, at any time!

We can also craft commercial audio/video solutions to make it easy to play different content in the televisions throughout your bar or restaurant. Centralize control so your employees can quickly, and efficiently, cater to your clients’ request to change a channel or simply adjust the volume.



Theaters can come in all shapes, sizes, configurations and budgets. A home theater could be a dedicated viewing room in your home with a fixed projection screen, high definition projector, floor standing speakers, seating and acoustical treatments. It could also be be a multi-purpose room that that doubles as a family room by day and a theater by night with a drop down screen and projector that may be hidden at any time. It could be a surround sound system with a flat panel TV on the wall, a sound bar and recessed speakers.

Whatever your preference, our design team can create a system that will be tailored to your needs and budget using only the best products that suit your application, providing a home AV experience that can be enjoyed by our New Jersey clients for many years to come. Contact us today for more details on how a Lunar Audio Video installed theater can bring your room to life!



Today’s electronic devices are becoming more network and internet dependent each day, which puts even more focus on the communication, wiring, and hardware within a home or business than ever before. At Lunar Audio Video, we will help design a wired and wireless computer network that will allow all of your electronic equipment to perform to their highest potential.

Your home will need a strong, efficient home network to take care of your home lighting control, home security system and more. Enhance the efficiency and safety of your business with a robust network supporting your commercial audio/video system and business security.

Through high performance cable and robust networking hardware, your network infrastructure will always meet and exceed today’s ultra demanding standards.



Outdoor living has become one of the most popular features of a modern home or business and Lunar Audio Video is at the forefront of providing solutions for outdoor integration. We design systems specific to each project, using only the best outdoor audio, video, and lighting equipment available. Outdoor living New Jersey

There are many functions for outdoor lighting. Someone may chose illumination options for security purposes, highlighting a focal point in a garden, an architectural feature of their house or it may be as simple as allowing for outdoor entertainment after dark such as setting a nice mood for your family and company in the evening. For all outdoor lighting applications we use fixtures designed to withstand any type of weather condition, require minimal maintenance, provide thousands of hours of illumination and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Different types of fixtures include: architectural fixtures, lights that blend into the foliage of landscaping beds, stylish path lights and up lights for trees and walls.

Our goal is to create a year-round entertainment experience that can be enjoyed for years to come!



There is only one thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Security” and that is “Protection”. There are many ways to protect what matters most with home security systems and business security solutions. These include burglar protection, commercial fire alarm systems, surveillance, access control, home lighting control and intercoms for ultimate protection.

At Lunar Audio Video, we can design and implement a system based on a site survey of your home or business that assesses and identifies areas of risk to ensure complete protection. We use all of today’s latest products and technology to allow immediate notification through services such as central station monitoring, smart phone notification, dedicated home networks, cloud based mobile control as well as integration into most automation systems.

Contact us today for more details on how to protect your home or business.



Saving energy has never been a more popular topic than it is today, and most of us overlook the little things that could save energy and ultimately, money. For example, installing dimmers and setting them at 90% instead of 100% will  double the life of the bulb.  Also, setting a schedule for your thermostat is another trick; this way the heat or air conditioning isn’t constantly running and raising your oil or electric bill.

At Lunar Audio Video, energy management is something we think of often. Through smart home automation and home lighting control, we come up with new and innovative ways to save you money. We are also looking for ways to make life easier and more comfortable for our clients.

Having lights turn on and off with one press of a button, or having the outside lights flashing when the alarm system is activated, are some ways we accomplish this. A HVAC system that can auto adjust between heat and cooling, based on temperature set points is just another example of the convenience we can provide for you. These are just a few of the ways we help our clients make their homes more efficient while enhancing their home security systems.

Our systems also provide the ability to control your HVAC or lighting system remotely, from anywhere you have an internet connection: through a tablet, phone or PC. This way, you can make adjustments in your home before you leave or return, for a more comfortable and secure environment.



We are happy to announce a new partnership with Titanium Communications to expand our reach into Residential and Commercial Communications platforms. Titanium Communications is a Full service IT Consulting firm helping clients manage and reduce costs across IT infrastructure. Titanium has relationships with 50+ communications providers and can offer VOIP Cisco & Polycom Phone Systems that are scalable to any size Residential and Commercial application. Visit our Contact Us page for more information on this exciting new partnership today.


Today’s electronic device user requires instant access to Internet content and services more than ever and over time, as technology continues to evolve, the demand will become even greater. The equipment in your home or business that allows for these services to be available has to stay up and running in order to stay connected to the things we do everyday. Business security, home automation, and streaming video and music through your home AV system are just a few services that require the connected equipment to stay online and running efficiently.

At Lunar Audio Video, we continually strive to provide only the best products, systems and services available to our clients in Northern New Jersey. That said, we are working with electronic devices and as we all know, there can be times where a device within the system stops operating properly and requires a reboot, software upgrade or if all else fails, a service call to get device back online.

As our clients demand the highest quality of service with minimal downtime of their systems, we have launched the Lunar Cloud Service program that will provide preemptive managing of system health and performance thus reducing the need to pick up the phone or send an email if an issue presents itself that requires attention. Our team is automatically notified when issues arise and in most cases, can resolve the issue remotely without having to roll a truck to the project unless a device needs to be repaired or replaced.

Our Lunar Cloud Service program is tailored to each client based on their needs and system. In addition, we offer discounts on the purchase of new equipment and site visits for our service program subscribers. So call us today to discuss how our Lunar Cloud Services program will help keep your system up and running when you need it most! Visit our Contact Us page for more information.



Crestron unified communications (UC) provide a consistent single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video, and content sharing in meeting rooms of all sizes. Available in an integration-friendly kit and three complete packages, they provide all the equipment you need to build a best-in-class Microsoft® Skype® for Business collaboration experience.