rotel_RA-1592A stereo system today can be something as simple as an integrated amplifier connected to your smartphone, with the multitude of music sources a smartphone can provide, and a pair of bookshelf speakers. Or, it might be something larger and more sophisticated – a stereo preamplifier with on-board Digital-to-Analog convertor, multiple independent sources including a turntable, a CD player, a network music player and powerful separate amplifiers for bi-amping full range floor-standing speakers. Simple or sophisticated, Rotel manufactures a wide range of high performance, high value audio components that will deliver all of the passion and detail that the artist intended.


A proper home theater is more than a collection of components – it is an immersive experience that can exceed commercial movie theaters in terms of emotional involvement. It is also a first rate music system, playing stereo recordings without compromise. Rotel home theater components can be chosen to suit virtually any room size, from a modest A/V system in the bedroom or den to a full-scale, themed theater room in a special area of your home.


Whole house audio brings the soothing, inspiring and energizing power of music to every room in your home as you desire…including outside on the patio or by the pool. Quality amplification makes your speakers sing whether they are discrete in-wall or in-ceiling models, or larger floor standing designs that occupy a place of pride in your listening room. In fact, amplifiers are the critical component in distributed music systems as they are tasked with delivering the music signal over often very long runs of speaker wire.

Too many whole house systems make sound everywhere, but music nowhere. Award winning Rotel amplifier designs are available in different channel configurations, some with digital inputs for today’s streaming media devices, to fit any system configuration. Smart signal sensing means they turn on exactly when you want them to – when the music starts!

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