Pakedge Device & Software Inc.



          Pakedge is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial A/V applications. Recognized by industry peers and winner of the prestigious CEPro Brand Leader award for Networking in 2013 and 2014, Pakedge specializes in integrating high performance engineering innovations, operational simplicity, and systems engineering to develop technology that enables customers to unleash the power of their network.

Pakedge Landing2

Raw Power

Pakedge equipment is built around a powerful backbone that is designed to power resource-hungry A/V systems. High-powered chipsets allow for blazing fast speeds, even in congested multi-application networks.

Pakedge Zones

Pakedge Zones segment various types of traffic, allowing users to assign priorities and prevent high resource applications from slowing down the network.


Shapes traffic depending on source device, traffic type, and receiving device to ensure that different types of traffic are optimized when travelling throughout the network.

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