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IC Realtime, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced visual surveillance solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and educational channels.  A Globally Recognised Brand that stands for Quality, Accessibility & Affordability in the Visual Surveillance Sector.

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At IC Realtime, integration is a primary focus in expanding the possibilities of our products. Through IR , RS232 and Network protocols, IC Realtime can communicate in a variety of ways with many residential and commercial systems.

Utilizing IC Realtime’s cutting edge compression technology, streaming video, software interface and instant commands execute in a simple straight forward process.

What is integration?

Convergence. Coalescence. Machine-to-Machine. Interoperability. We’ve all heard these terms used interchangeably, yet they’re all referring to the same concept: devices that are fundamentally different, working in harmony together to achieve a common goal.

One could say intelligence in humans is built from several different senses working in unison – our hands feel warmth from a hot stove, so we know not to touch it. We see a red traffic light, hear cars rushing by, and even feel the gusts of wind from passing cars as we wait for a cross walk to change, and using our basic instincts understand that we are not meant to cross.

Your existing house has had many of these same features, or ‘sensors’ in it commonly for decades. Your thermostat tracks temperature. Your alarm contacts at your front door tracks if it’s open or closed. Your smoke sensors detect the presence of smoke and often carbon monoxide. Your PIR motion sensors
will illuminate and alert if they detect motion. Most houses already have all these necessary sensors, which are just barely intelligent enough to keep the house from getting broken into or from going up in flames.

The real magic comes into play when we interconnect these different sensors together. Imagine if you will, a criminal breaking in and triggering a motion detector sensor when you’re not home – what good is it doing without an intelligent response? Now imagine the same sensor runs back to a ‘brain’ that turns on all of the lights in the house, sounds the alarm siren in your house, your iPhone reacts with a Push Notification showing the Date/Time and a video clip of the event, and your alarm panel calls the central station – even after the clever intruder has severed your phone and internet lines (thanks to your cellular backup). This is the modern day we live in now – this is the smart home experience.

IC Realtime acknowledges and embraces intelligent solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the industry leaders who have already laid the groundwork in the connected home industry. IC Realtime has specifically engineered our robust surveillance platform to be compatible with products from companies such as Savant, Crestron, Control4, RTI, and many others. Using any of these companies, you’ve got an extreme level of transparency

to monitor your video, control your Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, and much more – all from within your native automation application of choice.

The future is now, and if you’re not leading the pack you’re losing the race. Why settle for anything less than a total surveillance and home control solution? Can IC Realtime work with my integrated technology platform of choice?

Yes we can!

For more information about IC Realtime, call Lunar Audio Video at 888-884-9455.