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           Digital Projection International (DPI) was founded with one key objective — to innovate projection technology that sets the reference standard for precise large screen displays. Since our company first took on this challenge, we have worked closely with our customers to assure our products create the most stunning imagery possible within every application.

A Global Organization

           With manufacturing headquarters in the United Kingdom, Digital Projection’s network of sales, service and support spans across Europe, North America, China and the Far East.

The Secret to Award-Winning Imagery

Digital projection1            Breathtaking projected imagery is a result of expert engineering, the selection of high-quality components and attention to every detail during final design implementation. Armed with this knowledge, DPI selected DMD™ technology by Texas Instruments as the core image modulating system for our displays. Among its many imaging benefits, the DMD™ microchip exhibits extraordinary sharpness on a pixel-by-pixel basis, even at high lumen levels. As a result, our LIGHTNING, TITAN, HIGHlite, dVision, M-Vision, iVision and E-Vision projectors all produce amazingly bright images with razor sharp resolution, dynamic luminance uniformity and high local-area contrast.

To render imagery that looks true to life, a projection system must also exhibit a broad color gamut, accurate color temperature and high-fidelity tonal reproduction, all working in unison. DPI achieves this critical balance by pairing our broad-spectrum Xenon lamps and long life HID illumination systems with optical components incorporating color primaries that match SMPTE and EBU video standards. Our LED illuminated displays feature Lifetime Illumination and can produce an even broader color space. When complemented with our proprietary digital signal processing, the resulting imagery—comprised of billions or even trillions of colors— demonstrates an engaging film-like appeal.

Finally, to assure this brilliant performance is consistently delivered for the long term, we created a digital architecture that produces supreme image stability, virtually eliminating the need for system “tweaking”. Our commitment to developing powerful, efficient and responsible products is exemplified in all of our displays, delivering maximum lumen output with minimal energy consumption. DPI’s attention to detail, from design to production, assures you enjoy amazing projected imagery, day after day, show after show.

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