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3 Access Control Solutions for Your Home

It’s Time to Throw Away the Key and Upgrade Your Security

Blog-3-Access-Control-Solutions-for-Your-HomeUpgrading to a smart home security system isn’t about reinventing the wheel. All the essential hallmarks of a security system are there: locks, alarms, and surveillance cameras. What a smart solution does is take each of these components and make them more efficient and easier to manage. In this blog, we’ll focus on perhaps the most basic security measure in your home: locks. Through smart access control, it’s easier to protect your home whether you’re in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey or on the other side of the globe.

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4 Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

4-Benefits-of-a-Smart-Home-Security-SystemLunar AV Brings Smart Solutions to Homes Throughout Northern New Jersey

A significant amount of time and money went into designing your dream home. You painstakingly picked out the right wall colors, televisions, and furniture. Why shouldn’t the same effort go into installing an efficient home security system? It’s not enough to simply have an alarm hardwired to your front door; you need a smart solution geared specifically to your Upper Saddle River, New Jersey home. Lunar Audio Video works with Crestron and to craft a smart solution that will help keep your family and possessions safe at all times.

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