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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living has become one of the most popular features of a modern home or business and Lunar Audio Video is at the forefront of providing solutions for outdoor integration. We design systems specific to each project, using only the best outdoor audio, video, and lighting equipment available.  Our goal is to create a year-round entertainment experience that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Outdoor Lighting New Jersey

Outdoor Lighting New Jersey

Outdoor Lighting

There are many functions for outdoor lighting.  Someone may highlight a focal point in a garden or an architectural feature of their house, provide illumination options for security purposes, or it may be as simple as allowing for outdoor entertainment after dark; setting a nice mood for your family and company in the evening. For all outdoor lighting applications we use fixtures designed to withstand any type of weather condition, require minimal maintenance, provide thousands of hours of illumination and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Different types of fixtures include: architectural fixtures, lights that blend into the foliage of landscaping beds, stylish path lights, and up lights for trees and walls.


 Outdoor Audio

Every party or gathering is enhanced by adding the element of music. Some people may have some type of audio system inside their home but many neglect to think of the possibilities of bringing that music outside into the yard.  Your friends and family will appreciate the music emanating around your barbeque, patio or pool but will wonder where that high-quality sound is coming from. Many of our landscape speakers blend right into the foliage making them invisible to the inexperienced eye.  Other outdoor speaker options are made to be looked at, such as rock speakers or speakers installed on a home or structure. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, gardening or entertaining, music can make the outdoor experience even more enjoyable.


Outdoor Video

Outdoor Video

Outdoor Video

It is amazing how far televisions have progressed over the years, and now that some of our vendors have perfected the weatherproof TV, we are proud to offer this option for outdoor entertainment all year round. We use the best TVs on the market, resistant to any weather condition and temperatures from -24 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit allowing for a permanent worry-free installation in most outdoor environments. You can integrate an outdoor TV with weatherproof speakers for an even more immersing entertainment experience!


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Audio Solutions at Home and in the Work Place




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Residential High Performance Audio

Whether you want 12923093_1245276958823635_924544903903466041_nto have the full surround sound, movie theater experience in your home theater, or just play your favorite music throughout your Morris County, NJ home, there are a variety of audio solutions available to any homeowner. If you are a big fan of TV and movies or if you enjoy playing music from your TV, you may choose to have a Leon©  custom sound bar system installed for a balanced, high quality surround sound environment.  The sound bar can be custom built to aesthetically and seamlessly blend in with your TV and the sound will fill up a room of any shape or size, creating the perfect setting for entertaining friends and family of all ages.

For the audiophiles who dream of hearing their favorite song in the best possible quality, there are many high performance audio solutions available such as Bowers and Wilkins© high performance audio systems. A high performance, 2-channel audio system is basically a simple stereo system, with sound coming from two locations, creating a “sweet spot” in the middle, which many believe provides the best listening experience. Bowers & Wilkins can give you a studio-quality sound in your home, emanating from sleek, modern looking, freestanding speakers, or speakers that are virtually invisible after being installed in your ceiling or walls.



Residential Outdoor Audio


Your home audio system doesn’t have to stop at the back door. Many speaker systems are now designed specifically to be rugged for outdoor use.  Sonance ©  is one of our partners that provides a great solution for outdoor audio. The Sonnaray© system includes 1 subwoofer and 8 speakers which are designed to camouflage among foliage of landscaping beds and withstand extreme weather conditions. This system provides a great sound that can cover up to 2000 square feet!


Commercial Audio Solutions

A reception area is incomplete without music for clients to enjoy while waiting. A simple audio system can mean the difference between a pleasant wait and an awkward silenced-2085. If you prefer a TV in your reception area, it is still beneficial to have speakers to evenly project the sound so that people in each area can hear. Even in an office that doesn’t receive clients, music makes for happier employees and productivity. A widely used solution amongst many types of offices, are in ceiling speakers. Crestron© has high performing in ceiling speakers which have paintable, zero-bezel grilles, allowing them to blend right into the ceiling. These speakers provide an impressive sound, come in different sizes, and are surprisingly affordable. Crestron also offers more powerful in ceiling systems that are perfect for clubs, retail spaces, and restaurants.

For restaurants with outdoor seating, golf courses, public pools, and any other outdoor applications, much like the residential options, there are many different solutions to bring the music outside. Speakers can be discreetly mounted to a building’s exterior, staked into the ground or you can add stylish speakers to the landscaping. Another benefit of commercial sound systems is that the speakers can be integrated with an intercom system for employees to interact or to make announcements to customers.


Whether you’re at home or at work there is an audio solution suited to your wants and needs, call Lunar Audio Video today to see what we can design for you!

How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Technology?

From Entertainment to Security, Lunar AV Offers Comprehensive Solutions

Blg-How-Can-Home-Automation-Enhance-Your-TechnologyUnderstanding how home automation works, from Z-Waves to switchers, can be daunting. Many clients are turned off by technical talk that can turn into pages full of model names and numbers. That kind of detail has its purpose, but often it can be introduced too quickly to consumers. Understanding the technology doesn’t necessarily mean painstakingly describing how it works but rather what it does.

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What Is Smart Home Automation?


Lunar AV Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Technology

Are you looking to upgrade to a smart home? When doing so, many people make the mistake of just buying the latest gadgets, without taking into account how they work together. The best way to actually create a comprehensive smart home is to bring everything together in one intuitive solution. This is what a home automation system does. Through a professional installation, you choose which systems to include and how you want to control them.

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