From Entertainment to Security, Lunar AV Offers Comprehensive Solutions

Blg-How-Can-Home-Automation-Enhance-Your-TechnologyUnderstanding how home automation works, from Z-Waves to switchers, can be daunting. Many clients are turned off by technical talk that can turn into pages full of model names and numbers. That kind of detail has its purpose, but often it can be introduced too quickly to consumers. Understanding the technology doesn’t necessarily mean painstakingly describing how it works but rather what it does.

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The purpose of a home automation system is to centralize control of all your technology. You can use a touchpad, tablet or smartphone to manage your entire Alpine, New Jersey home. With all your technology working under one roof, you can get it working together in some interesting ways. In this blog, we’ll give you a general overview of the ways smart technology can enhance the various subsystems in your home.


From functionality to aesthetics, so much in your home comes down to the right lighting. With centralized lighting control, you can adjust all the fixtures in your house from one device. Dimmers let you go from zero to 100 percent so you can find the perfect setting for any activity. Save money by linking your lights to photo sensors so they dim down when there’s natural light available.


During the summer months, have shades close during the hottest time of day to cool down your house. Your smart thermostat can also adjust to your daily routines. Have the temperature go up when you’re away to avoid overcooling an empty home and have it cool down before you arrive so it’s at just the right temperature when you step inside.


When people invest in smart technology, they often have security in mind. It can be a camera that lets you look in your home at all times or a doorbell that sends a message to your phone when someone is at the front door. You get even more benefits by incorporating your security into your automation system. All your technology works together to enhance your safety. For example, during a fire, the HVAC turns off to avoid fanning the flames, your lights turn on to help you evacuate, and your cameras begin recording valuable footage.


Through a home automation system, you can streamline access to your favorite entertainment. From the same touchpad you use to control your lights, you can change the channel on your TV or pull up your favorite playlist. Control is centralized so your bulky equipment can be hidden away in a dedicated AV closet. You can even set the scene for a family movie night. Press your “Cinema” scene and the shades close, lights dim, and your screen turns on to your media library.


Invest in a smart home automation system that can get you the most out of your technology. Contact Lunar AV for a custom solution designed to meet your family’s needs.