4-Benefits-of-a-Smart-Home-Security-SystemLunar AV Brings Smart Solutions to Homes Throughout Northern New Jersey

A significant amount of time and money went into designing your dream home. You painstakingly picked out the right wall colors, televisions, and furniture. Why shouldn’t the same effort go into installing an efficient home security system? It’s not enough to simply have an alarm hardwired to your front door; you need a smart solution geared specifically to your Upper Saddle River, New Jersey home. Lunar Audio Video works with Crestron and Alarm.com to craft a smart solution that will help keep your family and possessions safe at all times.

Smart Locks

Get rid of your heavy key ring. Just throw it away. There’s no need for it with a smart home security system in place. You can lock and unlock doors from the device of your choice: your smartphone, tablet, touchpad or security panel.

You can also change from traditional keys to access codes. This way there’s no getting stranded outside if you forget the key. You can also give codes to people outside your family—like a dog walker or house cleaner. With personalized codes, you can know exactly when someone came into your home and when they left.

Efficient Surveillance

We help you find the best places to install your cameras while a system from Crestron or Alarm.com gives you an effective platform to view the footage. From your smartphone, touchpad or tablet you can look in on any room. If the doorbell rings, pull up your tablet to see who is at the door and unlock the door. Install motion-sensor cameras that record activity as soon as it happens. Then receive a notification with the images, so you know what’s going on in your New Jersey home at all times.

Remote Monitoring

With access to your home security system on your smartphone, you have it on the go! If you forgot to lock a door or set your alarm, you could do so remotely from your job or vacation. Get an alert when someone is at the front door and unlock the door remotely. You can also look in on your surveillance at all times to see if your kids made it back from school or to see what your pets are doing.

You don’t have to be checking your phone 24/7 to stay informed, either. Set up your system to receive alerts during certain events. Receive a message if a door is left unlocked, someone enters your house, or the fire alarm goes off.

Comprehensive Solutions

To really enjoy the perks of a smart home security system, you should incorporate it into your New Jersey home automation. This way all your technology works together to reduce risks and respond to emergencies. For example, if a fire detector goes off you can have the siren play through your home AV system, so it’s heard clearly. Have lights turn on and doors automatically unlock so it’s easier to evacuate.

Want to install a smart home security system that can better protect your family? Contact Lunar Audio Video to set up a consultation.